Building a basic HTTP server with plain old Ruby & Rack

Occasionally, I find myself in need for a basic HTTP server that will render some static content (HTML, CSS, images,..), no complex installation, only build and launch. As I am a huge Ruby fan, I was wondering how can I achieve this in the simplest way possible with plain Ruby.

What we will build

A basic HTTP server, serving a static HTML file. The Install process should be as small as possible, and launching the server should be fast and with a single command.

Deploy Slate to Heroku

Documentaton is a big part of a project, more critical if you need to hand off the details of your API to multiple third parties that will interact with it. Here you will lean how to deploy Slate, the API documentation generator based on Middleman, on Heroku, and how to configure it to generate the static HTML files with each commit on a repository.

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