Introducing first draft of the Styleguide

A new section is up in the Menu: The Styleduide!

A Styleguide to rule them all

When you work in a team, it’s always great to have a common place to share the visual aspect and design of a project. The difficulty here is getting a common resource for all the visual elements of the website, and provide guidance on how to implement them, so that everything looks consistent on every page, without sacrificing people creativity. It should help implementing modularity, so that updating a component does not cause a shitstorm in your application.

A new day

Hello and welcome for the grand opening!

You are probably here out of hazard, but that’s totally fine. This is a big step for me, it has been two years since I’ve started to build this website, and I have been postponing over and over the launch. Something was always not ready, not perfect, I found many excuses and never released anything. My goal was to start an english speaking blog and talk about everything code or design related, that I found on my day to day job or my personal researches, as a developer. Sharing what I’ve learned may not be useful for everyone, but I do it in hope it helps at least one person (starting with me).

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